Custom assay development and services utilizing single molecule counting (SMC™) technology

Single molecule counting (SMC™) technology enables precise measurement of molecules at levels previously undetectable, down to the femtogram/mL levels, allowing researchers to identify new biomarkers, or assist in therapeutic development with an improved view of efficacy, safety & time course studies. When time and resources are limited, MilliporeSigma offers a comprehensive portfolio of Custom Services supported by a scientific team with core expertise in SMC™ technology. Learn how our team will partner with you to develop a project specific to your requirements, whether that is fit-for-purpose sample testing, biomarker analysis using our current SMC™ immunoassays, or development and manufacture of an immunoassay for your novel target of interest. Learn how we work with our clients to define and tailor a customized project plan that includes milestone driven tasks, collaborative data review and progress reports. Whether your focus is to expedite your clinical research or to transfer a method to a CRO, we will show you how our services can help you accelerate programs from discovery into clinical trials.

 What Will You Learn?

  • General background on Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) technology
  • How SMC technology enables quantification of low concentration biomarkers for improved stratification of sample populations, drug development and new biomarker discovery
  • Custom Assay & Sample Testing Services:  Discussion on full range of services available

 Who Should Attend?

  • Researchers interested in biomarker discovery
  • Therapeutic Development Scientists
  • Protein biochemists
  • Life science researchers
  • Molecular biologists

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