DMPK Spotlight

During drug development, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) profiles of prospective new drugs are evaluated in order to help validate toxicology studies, understand drug-drug interactions and support safety evaluation. Multiple compounds are screened to determine the most effective new compounds.

An integral part of drug discovery and development includes the identification and quantitation of drug metabolites. It is essential to have knowledge of the metabolic sites of drug candidates to guide the selection of lead compounds with desirable DMPK properties. It is important to fully understand the safety and efficacy of a new therapy including; how a compound enters, leaves and interacts within the body.

A key challenge of the drug development industry is to design new therapeutics with increased efficiency and at a quicker rate than was achieved previously. In order to achieve this, a fundamental understanding of a target compound’s efficiency as a therapeutic is required to be developed, generating fast, quality information on its metabolic profile and potential toxicity.

This feature was produced in association with SCIEX and QPS

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