Waters Corporation launch new compact RADIAN™ ASAP™ System

RADIAN ASAP angled beauty

Waters Corporation (MA, USA) have launched a new direct mass detector engineered for non-mass spectrometry experts, termed RADIAN™ ASAP™ System. The novel direct mass detector conducts fast and accurate analyses of liquids and solids with minimal sample prep. The compact design has powerful software capabilities for real-time data visualization.

“As competition among laboratories grows, lab professionals are being challenged to provide quality results and shorten sample turnaround times,” commented Gary Harland, Senior Director, Product Management at Waters Corporation. “Direct MS analysis offers the versatility, ease-of-use, speed and reliability that today’s labs need to stand out among the pack. RADIAN ASAP overcomes many of the barriers to entry associated with traditional mass spec systems, empowering seamless deployment in existing lab environments and enabling those with minimal LC-MS training to obtain accurate results quickly.”

The RADIAN™ ASAP™ System achieves results in seconds after a sample is loaded into the system. The gaseous analyte molecules are ionized and separated by their mass-to-charge ratio. The novel machine enables real-time sample classification and quality assessment in less than a minute, without the need for chromatographic separation.

Ryan Francis, Instrument Specialist – Drugs, at Eurofins Forensic Services (Teddington, UK) worked alongside Waters’ scientists and scientists at the National Measurement Laboratory at LGC (Teddington, UK) to evaluate the Radian ASAP System. “We worked with the beta model of the Radian ASAP and quickly found that it was a robust tool for the categoric identification and screening of substances,” Ryan says. “It really shows how far companies like Waters and the scientific community as a whole are pushing the envelope to deliver techniques that are both fit-for-purpose and reliable.”

The RADIAN™ ASAP™ System is compatible with a variety of Waters software solutions, including LIVEID™, IonLynx™ and MassLynx™.

Source: www.waters.com/waters/en_GB/News-Releases/nav.htm?cid=134627991&locale=en_GB