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The best of Bioanalysis 2010


“As can be seen from the diverse selections of the editorial board and us, the senior editors, it is an almost impossible task to pick one single overall winner this year.”

The year 2010 was again a marvelous year for the journal. Bioanalysis underwent tremendous growth, expanding from nine issues last year to 12 in 2010. The number of research articles more than doubled in 2010, increasing from 21 to 55. The same trend is also true for editorials (15 vs 32 for 2009 and 2010, respectively). We believe this reflects the niche that Bioanalysis fills, by providing a forum for high-quality research and discussion for this community. Consequently, selecting a ‘best’ article of the year was even more challenging than last year [1]. Choosing the ‘best’ of an eclectic group of papers such as those published in Bioanalysis is largely going to be one of personal preference, as such, like 2009, we will present the criteria upon which our decision was made. We also sought the opinions of our esteemed editorial board members to help with the selection.

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