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Poster: Rapid Peptide and Protein Separations on BIOshell™ Fused-Core® U/HPLC Columns (Sigma-Aldrich)


SA_Logo_NoOrb_R_RGBThe performance advantage of core-shell or Fused-Core® particles over fully porous particles of the same or even 25-30% smaller average particle size, has become generally accepted. Despite a lack of a well understood theoretical basis for the improved performance, most major HPLC column manufacturers now provide core-shell columns packed with sub-3 μm particles for the analysis of compounds of low molecular mass.

Although the majority of compounds analyzed by HPLC have a mass below 1500 Da, there is a growing need to improve the performance of HPLC columns for the separation of peptides, proteins and protein drug conjugates. Several larger pore size core-shell particles have been introduced in recent years, but to select from different particle and pore sizes, the analytical biochemist still has few options and generally lacks the ability to test the effect of alternative bonded phase chemistries.

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