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Reid Bioanalytical Forum 2017: Bioanalysis of the Future


Bioanalysis Zone are delighted to support The Chromatographic Society at the 22nd International Reid Bioanalytical Forum (Cambourne, UK; 4–7 September). We have the pleasure of publishing exclusive content and presentations directly from Reid, giving you priority access to the latest news, information and developments.

Furthermore, for the first time, Bioanalysis Zone will be live streaming the first session, ‘Bioanalysis of the future’. The session, chaired by Tony Edge (Agilent Technologies, UK), will include presentations from five manufacturers sharing insights into the future of bioanalysis. This will be followed by an engaging Q&A session were we will be able to put your questions direct to the speakers, no matter where you are in the world!

To get involved, ask questions and find out more as details are released register your interest below or follow us on twitter @bioanalysisZone.

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Remarking comments from Tony Edge, organizer of Reid Bioanalytical Forum

“I have the pleasure of chairing the first session at the Reid International Forum this year and wanted to whet your appetite for the meeting and particularly the first session. In the first session of the Reid Forum introduces the possible future of bioanalysis. The session starts with lectures from a variety of bioanalysts who are looking at the way new technology is introduced into bioanalytical departments. The topics under discussion will vary but leading bioanalysts from industry will be presenting their latest findings on the use of novel and leading edge technology applied to the analysis of complex and ever evolving sample types. The presenters will be Amanda Wilson from AstraZeneca, Scott Summerfield from GSK and Lee Mendil from Cancer Research UK. This all leads to an exciting second part of the session where eventually the floor will be open to allow audience participation into what the future may hold for bioanalytical scientists of the future.

The second half of the session introduces a new format for the Reid forum, the next 5 presentations will be from manufacturers giving their brief insights into the future of bioanalysis. Each vendor will have a specific focus covering the full work flow ranging from sampling, sample preparation, chromatography and finally detection. Presentations will be fed live to the Bioanalysis Zone. Each manufacturer will be encouraged to be as adventurous as possible in terms of their vision of the future, which will then lead into an open debate with audience. This part of the session will be also be live streamed into the bioanalysis zone with the possibility of questions coming from the floor or through the wonders of world wide web. It is an exciting opportunity to ask questions of leading manufacturers and get involvement of the wider bioanalytical community. What outcomes will come from this, will the Reid come up with solutions to age old problems with sampling or ion suppression, that is unlikely but we are guaranteed that the opening session will be a lively one where debate and discussion will be encouraged.”

Reid Bioanalytical Forum Poster Sessions

The Reid Bioanalytical Forum offers bioanalytical scientists the opportunity to meet world leading scientists in the area of bioanalysis, from regulatory experts to practitioners within the laboratory. The Forum is renowned for the level of science that is shared and also for the level of interaction between the delegates due to the lively social program that accompanies the event. As part of the event, a poster session is being held. Posters are a great way of sharing work, and for initiating discussions between old and new colleagues. Delegates will get to show off their work in a poster format and as in the past, this will be adapted to allow flash presentations where delegates can present their work in a short 5 minute presentation to all of the delegates. For early career delegates this may be an ideal opportunity to deliver their very first presentation in a friendly environment, and experience the joys and thrills of a real conference presentation without all of the stress associated with a longer period of time at the presentation rostra. If you are interested in presenting a poster please look at the website for more details

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Speakers and Program

The first session: ‘Bioanalysis of the future
This will be split into two sessions. The first part will include presentations from a variety of speakers from academia, pharma, CROs and industry regulators on topical subjects in bioanalysis. From amongst the rapidly developing program, notable speakers currently include:

Amanda Wilson (AstraZeneca, UK) – awaiting title

Scott Summerfield (GSK, UK) – Emerging Technologies Set to Drive the Future of Bioanalytical Productivity

Lee Mendil (Cancer Research, UK) – Triple Quad to Triple TOF small molecule quantitation: future proofing a bioanalytical cancer research core facility

The second part of this session will include five presentations from manufacturers focusing on the same title ‘Bioanalysis of the future’. These include:

Tony Edge (Agilent Technologies, UK)

Ken Cook (Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK)

Neil Loftus (Shimadzu, UK)

Presenter TBC (Waters)

Presenter TBC (Danaher)

The session on Thursday: ‘Developing Young Scientists in Bioanalysis’

Chairs: Nicola Gray (Shimadzu, UK) and Jon Bardsley (Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK)

Supporting young and early-career scientists has always been at the forefront of the Reid Bioanalysis Forum, where young practitioners are encouraged to learn from more experienced ones and share the challenges experienced, as well as the successes. At this year’s upcoming meeting, the 22nd International Reid Bioanalytical Forum 4-7th September 2017, we are dedicating a whole morning session to Developing Young Scientists in Bioanalysis. We are delighted to be chairing such a session that will feature a variety of topics from a breadth of areas including industry and academia.

Presenters participating in the session will include Liz Thomas from Alderley Analytical, Sheelan Ahmad from GSK, Emmanuel Njumbe Ediage from Janssen, Panagiotis Vorkas from Imperial College London and John Lough from the University of Sunderland. The varied content will serve to provide insights into mentoring young practitioners in industry, the state of bioanalysis in academia, as well as a number of accounts from successful early-career scientists from both industry and academia.



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