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September: A monthly round-up


As the days are getting colder, we bring you the second in our monthly column series highlighting the ‘hot topics’ throughout September on the Zone.

One of our most popular features of the month has been the ‘business of bioanalysis’ panel discussion series. This features leading experts from CROs and pharmaceutical companies talking about topics such as investing in emerging bioanalytical technologies, the management and mentoring of staff and the impact of mergers and acquisitions – view the full series here!

Another September highlight was attending the 22nd Reid Bioanalytical Forum in Cambridge (UK), where we had the pleasure of recording presentations from the first session, ‘Bioanalysis of the future’. The session, chaired by Tony Edge (Agilent), includes presentations from four other manufacturers including; Simon Cubbon (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Jason Causon (Sciex), Ian Edwards (Waters Corporation) and Neil Loftus (Shimadzu). Each shared their insights into the future of bioanalysis – the video of their talks is now available on demand.

September has also been an extremely busy month for webinars and we still have many more to come! Head to the webinar page to see what’s open for registration and what is now available on demand, or have a browse of some of our favorites included below.

The beginning of October sadly marks the end of our Spotlight on oligonucleotides. We have really enjoyed working with everyone involved to bring you such a vast amount of insightful content on oligonucleotides and hope that you continue to enjoy perusing the wide range of content we have to offer.

Moving forward, we are excited to announce that we have launched our new Spotlight focus on Emerging technologies: DMPK and bioanalysis of small molecules where we will be investigating the key developments, technologies and the role small molecules play in DMPK and bioanalysis. We have some extremely insightful journal articles and insights already featured as part of our Spotlight, as well as webinars from industry experts. Keep an eye on the Spotlight page for information on our upcoming survey to let us know your thoughts, and be the first to receive our informative infographic collated from the survey results.

We have also been very busy getting our ‘Ask the experts’ series together, focussing on biosimilars. Watch this space and follow us on Twitter (@BioanalysisZone) for updates!

On a more sociable note, we’re very excited to be preparing for EBF next month! If you are also attending, please get in touch with us and we can arrange to meet.

Top news:

Cancer recurrence could be predicted with new genetic test

Adapted microfluidic device design sheds light on invasive lines of cancer cells

Metabolomic profiling could identify biomarkers for smoking induced biological changes

Top journal articles:

Mass spectrometry in medicine: a technology for the future?

Point-of-care devices: the next frontier in personalized chemotherapy

Development and validation of an impedance biosensor for point-of-care detection of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 toward lupus diagnostics

Top features:

For therapeutic drug development and monitoring, microsampling technology provides a breakthrough alternative

An author’s perspective: Gary Van Berkel on immediate drop on demand technology coupled with mass spectrometry

Neil Henderson: oligonucleotide analysis and efficient methodologies

Top webinars:

How to successfully implement microsampling (and other disruptive technologies)

Challenges of single and multiplex biomarker validation on ‘planet Earth’ versus ‘planet Biomarkertopia’

The dynamic landscape of biomarker validation



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