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Winner of the 2018 BOSCA announced!


Bioanalysis Zone and Bioanalysis are pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Bioanalysis Outstanding Contribution Award (BOSCA)!

The judges unanimously agreed that Jack Henion of Advion Inc. (NY, USA) was the most deserving of the title this year, due to his outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and research contributions to the advancement of bioanalysis.


Speaking to Bioanalysis Zone, Tom Covey (MDS/Sciex; MA, USA) commented: “His accomplishments are many, but what stands out was his brave voyage in 1985 from the old world of vacuum-based ionization to the new world of atmospheric pressure ionization for LC–MS, a relatively unknown place where very few dared to venture at that time. For this, he deserves to be known as the Christopher Columbus of LC–MS. When you consider it from that angle, it’s hard to come up with a single individual who has had as much of an impact on the field of LC–MS as Jack Henion.”

Richard King (PharmaCadence; PA, USA) added: “What I admire most is probably the fact that nothing is impossible. [He’s] been doing this [his]whole life, [he’s] contributed a huge amount to the field, and still, anything is possible. [He’ll] take on any challenge.”

Fellow bioanalysts also added their support, with Brad Ackermann (Eli Lilly and Company; IN, USA) remarking, “It really documents a lifelong commitment [Jack’s] had to our science,” and Eric Yang (GSK; London, UK) concluding: “Simply put, the bioanalysis community would not exist today without [the]groundbreaking work done in [Jack’s] lab decades ago.”


Bioanalysis and Bioanalysis Zone would like to extend their congratulations to Dr Henion, and thank him for his exceptional contributions that have led to the advancement of the bioanalytical field and community.

To mark the occasion, we are making a selection of Jack’s articles from Bioanalysis available free to Bioanalysis Zone members.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the award. You can read more about Dr Henion and his contributions to LC–MS, here, and more about previous winners, here.

Dr Jack Henion recieves BOSCA

Dr Henion recieved the award from Thomas Kurz, Vice President at Q2 Solutions (NC, USA).


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