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Can a new LC–MS instrument improve robustness and operability?


A new liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer, the LCMS-8060NX, has been released by Shimadzu (Kyoto, Japan) and aims to deliver greater operating efficiency, the highest levels of sensitivity and detection speeds in the world (especially for compounds that are difficult to ionize), lower downtime, ease of use and robustness when preparing and analyzing scientific samples. 

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The LCMS-8060NX spectrometer produced by Shimadzu could benefit pharmaceutical companies that require shorter drug discovery periods and reduced costs, as well as clinical companies that work with complex biological samples and food science companies that investigate residual pesticides.

One of the new features of the LCMS-8060NX is an IonFocus unit, which is designed to reduce instrument contamination and remove unwanted components, thereby minimizing loss of detection accuracy and sensitivity. Also, this particular unit utilizes more robust components in an attempt to improve analytical reliability.

The new LCMS-8060NX liquid chromatography mass spectrometer. Image courtesy of Shimadzu Corporation.

The new LCMS-8060NX liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer. Image courtesy of Shimadzu Corporation.

Another new feature of the LCMS-8060NX is an “Analytical Intelligence” feature. Analytical Intelligence comprises systems and software that simulate expert operators to automatically provide feedback to the user in order to solve common analytical problems and compensate for differences between users. This feature could also facilitate an improvement in analysis throughput and efficiency for the entire workflow. Analytical Intelligence is designed to permit high-sensitivity analysis without complicated adjustments and could enable efficient method development.

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