Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry method for plasma and intracellular antimony quantification applied to pharmacokinetics of meglumine antimoniate

Garay-Baquero DJ, Rebellón-Sánchez DE, Preito MD et al. | Bioanalysis, 13(8), 655–667 (2021) Keywords: antimony • ICP–MS • leishmaniasis • meglumine antimoniate • PBMCs • plasma • TMAH • validated method Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a disease caused by single-cell parasites in the genus Leishmania which results in painful skin ulcers and is spread by insect bites. Drugs containing antimony are the mainstay therapy for cutaneous leishmaniasis, but if and how the amount of these compounds in the cells can affect the success of the treatment, remains unknown. Validated methods to reliably measure these amounts in human cells are limited. Here we have developed a validated...

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