Mobidiag Oy/Ltd. merges with Amplidiag Oy and Genewave SAS to develop diagnostics for infectious diseases

Written by Hannah Coaker, Future Science Group

The newly formed company intends to meet the need for automated and integrated solutions for diagnostic testing of infectious diseases in a clinical setting.

Genewave SAS (Paris, France) and Amplidiag Oy (Helsinki, Finland) have become subsidiaries of fellow biotech company, Mobidiag Oy/Ltd. (Helsinki, Finland), in a newly formed an alliance that aims to advance technology in the field of molecular diagnostics in infectious diseases.

Under the new partnership, Mobidiag plans to combine its diagnostics tools for infectious diseases, with Amplidiag’s high multiplex proprietary diagnostic test portfolios and Genewave’s automated and integrated test platform. “The fusion of these three complementary companies creates a unique opportunity to bring forward the next generation of infectious disease diagnostics to dramatically improve global healthcare,” said Tuomas Tenkanen, Chief Executive Officer at Mobidiag.

Accompanying the merger was a financing round by existing investors, including Helsinki University Fund (Helsinki, Finland) and iXLife (Marly le Roi, France), among others, as well as public funding support from the Finnish funding agencies, Tekes and Finnvera, and the EU.

According to a press release from Mobidiag, the new company is to be headquartered in Helsinki, with a center of excellence in Paris. With the diagnostic test pipeline, integrated test platform, infrastructure and financial resources in place, the company envisages the development and commercialization of its automated instrument and panel of diagnostic tests, capable identifying a large number of pathogens from a single patient sample. The merger is anticipated to address the need in clinical laboratories for automated and integrated solutions for diagnostic testing of severe diseases.

Source: Mobidiag, Genewave, and Amplidiag announce merger to create a leading innovator in molecular diagnostics.