In order to explore the most recent developments in proteomics, this Spotlight will highlight the advances and challenges faced during method development, validation and samples analysis.

Proteomics involves the analysis of proteins including their structure, function and physiological role. Over the years advances in technology and instrumentation, for example developments in mass spectrometry, bioinformatics and fractionation techniques, have enabled the more complex study and understanding of proteins.

A key application of proteomics is in drug discovery enabling the comparative assessment of normal and diseased-state tissues. It is also important in understanding how small molecule drugs and biologics act on their protein targets. But what other applications could involve proteomics in the future?

As part of this Spotlight, we will aim to cover a range of developments including:

  • Applications of proteomics, including biomarker discovery, target identification and lead optimization
  • Mass spectrometry techniques utilized to obtain quantitative proteomic data
  • Software programs for mass spectrometry results
  • Challenges in proteomics research