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Iontophoresis of a 13 kDa protein monitored by subcutaneous microdialysis in vivo


Background: The purpose of this study was to optimize parameters pertaining to microdialysis technique so as to make this method feasible for evaluating transdermal transport of macromolecules. Results: Microdialysis experiments were performed in vivo using hairless rats with daniplestim as the model protein. Two perfusion fluids – phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) and 3% dextran in PBS – were evaluated with respect to their effect on sample volume retrieval and recovery of the target protein from the microdialysis probe. Incorporation of dextran-60 in the perfusion fluid reduced fluid loss to 10% as opposed to 34% in the absence of dextran-60. Improvement in daniplestim recovery was also seen with dextran-PBS (56.5 ± 10.3%) as the perfusion fluid than with PBS alone (26.7±4.5%). Conclusion: Subcutaneous levels of daniplestim were measured following iontophoresis after improving recovery and minimizing fluid loss from the microdialysis probe.

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