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August: A monthly round up


As the new term begins, Bioanalysis Zone brings you a monthly column providing you with an easy guide to the ‘hot topics’ and highlights covered during August. During the month we have explored: recent developments and the unique challenges of oligonucleotides; what the future could hold for immunogenicity testing; and the key to successful implementation of microsampling.

We have also released our exclusive panel discussion where experts Scott Fountain (Charles River Laboratories), Zamas Lam (QPS), Roger Hayes (MPI Research), Yan Zhang (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Ola Saad (Genentech), and Afshin Safavi (BioAgilytix) discuss ‘the business of bioanalysis’. They focus on investing in emerging bioanalytical technologies, the management and mentoring of staff, and the impact of mergers and acquisitions. Click here to view the videos and to hear more about these areas from both a CRO and pharma point-of-view.

Top news
Boehringer Ingelheim’s adalimumab biosimilar candidate enters interchangeability study with HUMIRA®
Could a blood test, using single-color digital PCR, change how cancer is monitored?
Newly identified biomarkers could aid Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Top journal articles
Advances in derivatization approaches for increasing the sensitivity of small molecules
Comprehensive graphical presentation of data from incurred sample reanalysis
European regulatory perspective on pediatric physiologically based pharmacokinetic models

Top features
At long last, oligonucleotide drugs are close to deliver on their promise
An author’s perspective: Omnia Ismaiel on mature LC–MS/MS methodology
Bioanalysis of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Oligonucleotides: An Emphasis on LC-FL and LC-MS Based Assays
Quick-fire interview on immunogenicity with Mohsen Rajabi (FDA)
The keys to successful implementation of microsampling
Recent aspects and challenges in the assessment of immunogenicity

Looking forward to September we are excited to bring you live streaming from Reid Bioanalytical Forum, the Spotlight panel discussion: What’s next for oligonucleotide analysis and more webinars as part of the Expert Series.


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