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October round-up: Interviews from Reid, podcasts, webinars and more…


Although it doesn’t seem that long ago since we were summing up September, it’s now time for our October round-up!

October has been a very busy month on the Zone, with even more insightful webinars and interviews. You can now watch our interviews from Reid 2017 with Jennifer Hinks, John Lough and James Rudge, or listen to our podcast from Shalini Prasad and Sriram Muthukumar on non-invasive monitoring technologies.

We have also been adding to our Spotlight on emerging technologies: DMPK and bioanalysis of small molecules, with journal articles from Bioanalysis, interviews and exclusive features. This month, we heard from Chris Zhu (University of Ohio; OH, USA) and Zheng Ouyang (Tsinghua University; Beijing, China) about their research as part of our author’s perspective series, and heard from Jan Boerma (Unilabs York Bioanalytical Solutions; York, UK) and Dan Weston (Waters; MA, USA) about critical questions in biotransformation using mass spectrometry with routine ion mobility in our first Spotlight webinar, now available on demand.

Another feature that we have been very excited to publish is our ‘Ask the Experts – Biosimilars’ series, where we have been talking to experts about the current benefits and challenges of working with biosimilars, and what they believe the future holds for the field. All of the questions and responses are now available to read on the Zone.

We have also finally named our NIA 2017 winner! Matthew Lockett is this year’s winner, but you can still read all about the finalists and their research, here. Congratulations to Matthew and all of the finalists in what proved to be a very tight competition!

Finally, we end on a more sociable note. We will be at EBF this year, so if you are also attending, let us know as it would be great to meet you!

We will also be hosting our very own evening to celebrate Bioanalysis, on Thursday 16th November in Barcelona. To find out more and to be in with a chance of getting yourself on the guest list, head to our ‘An evening with Bioanalysis’ page.

Have a great November, and we’ll be back with our next round-up column next month.


Top news:

PPD are awarded best CRO for advancing cancer research at World ADC Awards

Cryo-electron microscopy research awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017

An evening with Bioanalysis!


Top articles:

Is gut microbiome a predictive marker to response to immune checkpoint inhibitors?

A comprehensive narrative review of diagnostic biomarkers in human primary membranous nephropathy

Parallelism experiments to evaluate matrix effects, selectivity and sensitivity in ligand-binding assay method development: pros and cons


Top features:

An interview with Jennifer Hincks: Flow cytometry analysis of biomarkers

Shalini Prasad and Sriram Muthukumar: non-invasive monitoring technologies

Ask the Experts – Biosimilars


Top webinars:

How to successfully implement microsampling (and other disruptive technologies)

Pre-existing antibodies within clinical samples: How does this affect immunogenicity outcomes?

High-resolution mass spectrometry for the quantification of biopharmaceuticals


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