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Waters Corporation obtain licence for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry assay technology from SISCAPA


SISCAPA Assay Technologies Inc. (SAT; DC, USA), a company that specializes in the development of precision mass spectrometry assays for the quantification of specific proteins, have announced that Waters Corporation have obtained a nonexclusive license from SAT, for the standardization of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry assay technology.

This technology, which is currently patent pending, utilizes multiple stable isotope-labeled versions of an analyte molecule with a distinct mass increment. This is then added to a sample at different known concentrations enabling researchers to establish a multipoint internal standard curve. In comparison to an external calibration or single point internal standard, this multipoint internal standard curve allows for a reduction in cost as well as speed of analysis.

Founder and CEO of SAT, Leigh Anderson, commented:  “We are extremely happy to enable Waters’ use of this technology, which is applicable to proteins, peptides and small molecules. The approach could be particularly valuable in bringing mass spectrometry assays into the clinical laboratory, where calibration using a standard curve is established practice. Importantly, this approach fits well with our SISCAPA protein assay panels used to measure protein biomarkers in serum and dried blood microsamples.”

Jeff Mazzeo, Vice President of Marketing, Waters Corporation (MA, USA), remarked: “With the licensing of SAT’s technology, we are now in the process of evaluating the benefits of the approach for quantitative LC/MS assays in a number of application areas.”



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