In this series, we are focusing on some of the ‘hot topics’ in bioanalysis, with each topic spending 1 month ‘In the Zone.’ Explore the topics we have covered so far with our insightful videos, infographics, editorials and expert podcasts, as well as journal articles from Bioanalysis made available to Bioanalysis Zone members.

Latest features In the Zone

small moleculeThe use of singlicate analysis in LBAs

In this ‘In the Zone’ we eplore the top tips for singlicate bioanalysis implementation, including a well-characterized assay and assay platform, how to minimize the source of errors and how to validate assays using singlicates.

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Frontage infographic-minData management

Data management is a common terminology used in almost all industries. It comprises all disciplines related to managing data as a valuable resource.

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Previous features

coronavirus 2Coronavirus

In the Zone_HRMS and QqqHRMS versus QqQ


itz-gene-therapy-thumbnailGene therapy: the era of AAV

ITZ ruofin banners_mpuImmunogenicity

itz-bioanalyst-challenges-thumbnailThe bioanalyst: challenges and solutions

Peptide bioanalysis sample preparationPeptide bioanalysis sample preparation

In the Zone - ADCsAntibody-drug conjugates

CAR-T cells

Alternative matrices

Flow cytometry

Drug metabolism

In the Zone - biotransformationBiotransformation

Old/new technologies