Large molecule quantification by LC–MS

In order to explore the most recent developments in large molecule quantification in regulated bioanalysis by LC–MS, this Spotlight will highlight the advances and challenges faced during method development, validation and samples analysis.

The increasing importance of large molecule therapeutics has been coupled with advancements in LC–MS technology, opening up new opportunities. Typically, large molecules are analyzed using ligand-binding assays but with advanced progress in MS technology the community has seen increased success in overall sensitivity and selectivity. However, what does this mean for future analysis and what challenges remain for the use of LC–MS for large molecules.

As part of this Spotlight, we will aim to cover a range of developments including:
FDA/Regulatory aspects
• Protein quantification studies and best practices in protein digestions studies
Top-down vs Bottom up approaches
• Comparison between LC–MS and LBA
Platform switching (e.g., LBA to LC–MS) at different stages
• Opinions and recommendations on how to enhance the assay sensitivity

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This feature was produced in association with Waters, PPD, PRA, LGC and Merck.