Bioanalysis Zone

Zone Leader: Lin Wang


Lin's WangLin Wang received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Xiamen University in China and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. She is also enrolled in the Business and Science Program at Rutgers University to develop a comprehensive understanding of the interface between science and business and look at the revolution of analytical industry from different perspectives.

She started her career with Envigo (NJ, USA) in the department of Formulation and Inhalation Analysis and is currently the Research Associate II at Covance (NJ, USA). She has been working in the CRO industry since 2015 and focusing on method development and validation on both small and large molecules. Lin will provide her view of bioanalysis by comparing it with other analytical fields and science industries.

What three things would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?

  • Solar-powered smart robot
  • Seawater desalinator
  • Can-food

If you weren’t a bioanalyst, what would you be?

  • A movie star

What is your favorite city?

  • Lijiang in Yunnan Province in China

Why have you decided to become a Zone Leader?

I would like to share my opinions and discuss interesting topics with other people in all kinds of fields.

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