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This ‘In the Zone’ discusses the importance of data management. Data management is a common term used in almost all industries and it comprises all disciplines related to managing data as a valuable resource.

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In this research article, published by Bioanalysis, investigators from Biogen (MA, USA) and Stat4ward LLC (PA, USA) describe their re-evaluation, in singlet, of data from five pharmacokinetic assay validations and five clinical and preclinical studies, originally run in duplicate. The results of the study confirm that well-developed ligand-binding assays (LBAs) produce comparable data whether evaluated in singlet or duplicate.

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In this editorial, the author discusses the progression of the metabolomics field, the growing number of databases that are appearing and new separation techniques such as ion mobility, which are adding a fourth dimension to identification capabilities.

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Metabolomics is defined as the identification and quantification of metabolic products in a biological system. As part of this Spotlight, we explore the recent advances in target and untargeted metabolomics and review the use of metabolomics in drug development and precision medicine.

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